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"No one can make you feel spiritual as we can"
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Sambrani Cones manufactured and exported by us leave a long lasting aroma of natural oils herbs. The fragrance of our Incense Dhoop Cones leave a lingering effect and imbues an atmosphere of spirituality. Owing to our rich experience in manufacturing and exporting Incense Dhoop Cones, we ensure that only high quality material reach you at an extremely affordable cost. We are proud of being one of prominent Manufactures, Exporters and Suppliers of highly aromatic Dhoop Cups. Sambrani Cups are derived from natural herbs; hence are free from any toxic substances and chemicals. Our Pure Dhoop Cups are ideal for meditation and other spiritual purposes. This array of Dhoop Cups possesses enchanting aroma that fills the room with invigorating essence. We can handle bulk orders of Dhoop Cups at the best affordable prices.

      * We can supply you fragrance cup Sambrani in pure and natural resins
      * Pure and Natural
      * A traditional sambrani cup
      * A most economial and convient way to burn sambrani.
      * Ideal for Pooja, Medicinal purposes and also as small insects repellent
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